Welcome to the AP Lab!

In the AP lab we work on developing methods to enhance perception of computer generated images. Novel visualization techniques, display devices and interaction paradigms are explored to enrich the users experience in specific scenarios and workflows. Current research topics include:

  • Augmented reality visualization
  • Enhancing depth perception of computer generated images
  • Interaction techniques for better understanding of rendered images
  • Medical image processing and visualization
  • Auditory displays and data signification
  • Gaze-based interaction and eye-tracking
  • Study of push notifications on exercise motivation
  • Gamification for studying different visualization techniques
  • Federated and machine learning in medical imaging

The lab is headed by Dr. Kersten-Oertel who is a member of the PERFORM Centre and one of the editors of the ISCAS Newsletter and Blog.


Hot off the press: “MARIN: an open-source mobile augmented reality interactive neuronavigation system” We’ve made the source code open and are excited to see what the community will do with it!

Congratulations to AP Lab member Naghmeh Ansari and her team NURA Medical for being chosen as the best team this year in the NSERC Create Surgical Innovation Program.

Congratulations to AP Lab member Jonatan Reyes and his team for winning the “most innovative project” award at BrainHack Western!