Breamy: AR for surgical decision-making in breast cancer

Deciding on breast cancer treatment, includes the choice between surgical options, frequently demands decision-making within an 8-week timeframe. However, many women lack the necessary knowledge and preparation for making informed decisions. Anxiety and unsatisfactory outcomes can result from inadequate decision-making processes, leading to decisional regret and revision surgeries. Shared decision-making and personalized decision aids have shown positive effects on patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes.







We introduce Breamy, a prototype mobile health application that utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to assist breast cancer patients in making more informed decisions. Breamy provides 3D visualizations of different surgical procedures, aiming to improve confidence in surgical decision-making, reduce decisional regret, and enhance patient well-being after surgery. To determine the perception of the usefulness of Breamy, we collected data from 166 participants through an online survey. The results suggest that Breamy has the potential to reduce patients’ anxiety levels and assist them in decision-making.

Related Publication

Najafi, N., Addie, M., Meterissian, S., & Kersten‐Oertel, M. (2023). Breamy: An augmented reality mHealth prototype for surgical decision‐making in breast cancerHealthcare Technology Letters.